Whanaunatanga Assessment


Things you should do to maintain a positive relationship:

Tell the truth, so you can thrust each other and believe what each other say

Respect, what they think, decisions and opinions

Be loyal and sick with them, through good and bad and sick up for them when people are being mean

Take responsibility, for your actions and mistakes and even if you didn’t do it just do it to help out or to be helpful and nice

Be well mannered, so people will return the favour and respect you because you’re respecting them


Swimming practice was finally finished. I was getting out of the pool with my friend she asked me if I wanted to go to the mall with her and grab some food on the way home. My Mum was picking me up but she was always running late so my friend and I quickly went to the mall, after we got food I went back to the pool and there was my mum waiting for me. I got in the car my mum hardly said a word which I thought was weird but as soon as we got home she blow up! Questioning me about where I was when she came to pick me up and if I really went to swimming her face was going red and she had clenched fists steering in a very intimidating way at me. I just had to yell back now my face started to get red our voices getting louder and louder I couldn’t take it I stormed off to my room and slammed the door be hide me.

Positive reactions

Body language: Relaxed shoulders and keep eye contact but not aggressively and approachable like very opening

Tone of voice: Inside voice and soft calm voice

A good time to resolve conflict is: After the person has stopped yelling so you can talk in a normally tone and maybe when the person has cooled down so they don't start yelling again

Good things to say: Sorry I was not thinking. Sorry I just thought you would be more understanding (just always apologize)