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December 2014

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AEX in the Know: Tech, Apps, Articles, Media

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AEX Updates

Undergraduate Academic Services

UAS is deep in the midst of processing Late Withdrawal Petitions and anticipating the storm we call ‘End of Term Processing’. If you are working with students who are waiting on an end of term decision regarding continuation or dismissal, please encourage them to be patient. UAS is unable to accept phone calls/appointments and we will not return emails to students regarding their end of term situation until all grades have been processed and students have been notified of our decisions. The conditional readmission process for Spring 2015 if underway as well. The STEP workshop for students conditionally readmitted for Spring 2015 will be held on Wednesday, January 7th.

Academic Advising and Planning Center

In numbers, AAPC has advised 2,767 students, with a total of 3,725 referrals from August 19th to November 17th. APPC celebrated ART MATTERS on Monday, December 1st.


Juniors Emeline Wolff and Mary Lucas and senior Matthew Raczka represented the REACH Program as presenters and a speaker, respectively, at the 2014 State of the Art Conference on Post-secondary Education and Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities.


We are currently in the recruitment process for the 2015-2016 Orientation Interns! We would love your assistance in the selection process by nominating outstanding students to serve as Interns. Please email your nomination(s) with the student name(s) and a brief statement recommending a student as an Orientation Intern to no later than January 12th, 2015. The student will be notified by email of your nomination. Students should apply no later than January 16th, 2015.

AEX Birthdays

Casey Sweeney (CSL) 7th; Emily Ball (AAPC) 16th; Melissa Thomas (CSL) 18th; Silvia Hanna (AAPC) 19th; Linda Palumbo (REACH) 29th

AEX 'e'ncouragements

Lindy Coleman: A Big thank you to for planning another awesome Cougar Countdown!

Shula Holtz for all your help on executing an awesome Cougar Countdown!!

All AEX friends for working the Cougar Countdown events and running the social media for it all!!

Lisa Christian for you first presentation at a national conference!

Melissa Hortman: Thank you for all your hard work in meeting with all our referrals from the AAPC! We will miss you! Best wishes for your future endeavor!

Allen Coleman: Your Work Anniversary in January 2015 marks 3 years of hard work and dedication to the REACH program

Chris Korey for keeping the FYE program going and making sure all of the staff, students, and faculty involved with FYE have the support they need!

Melissa Hortman for amazing weekly walks and talks!

Shannon McKenzie for amazing yoga and keeping us mindful and loose, even during the roughest parts of the semester!

Lindy Coleman for her coordination of all the fabulous Cougar Countdown events!

Vikki Bernotski: It's not an easy job getting all the freshmen enrolled in FYE for the spring but she manages to pull it off!

Page Keller & Jennifer Bradley: The peer facilitators make such a difference to our first year students - Page & Jenn do a great job finding and developing quality students to serve as PFs!

Melissa Thomas: Awesome cards at the craft fair before the Sotille Tree Lighting

Lindy Coleman: Great work on Cougar Countdown! I know students really appreciate the effort.

Melissa Hortman: Academic Experience is going to miss you! Good luck in your new job.

Bruce Fleming and Chris Korey: The PhotoVoice project was awesome.

Diane Bowers and AAPC colleagues: Art Matter was phenomenal! Such talented students and such a great event.

Academic Experience Directors and Staff: Thanks for all that you do to support students, faculty and staff!

Melissa Hortman: For her vision and spirit of collaboration. She'll be missed!

Diane Bowers: ART does MATTER! Love seeing the growth in this phenomenal event!

Melissa Hortman: Thankful for all her contributions to the CSL and the greater campus community!

Lindy Coleman: All her hard work during another successful Cougar Countdown!

AEX Does: Upcoming 'e'vents

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RSVP to the AEX Holiday Party HERE!

Friday, December 19th from 4-6pm at the Alley.

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