Grandpa's Winter

By Mitchell Smith

The combustion of fossil fuels has been identified as a major factor in the increase of this important greenhouse gas linked to global warming.

Dust Bowl drought impacts 100 million acres of Great Plains.

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The above picture shows the precipitation back in October during 1895-2014.

During some years it was high and some years it was very low(1st picture in green).

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The above picture shows the average Temperature during 1895-2014.

Many years it was low that has a huge affect on precipitation either it's snow or rain(Second picture in purple).

Conclusion- Back then it was very cold. The cold has to do with the precipitation. When it snows it doesn't give off as much precipitation as what rain does. It is know that it takes 10-12 inches of snow equals 1in. of rain. Normally when it's warmer and not colder we get more precipitation. In the charts you can see how the temp changes the precipitation we get.