By Josh Schiller

William Shakespeare

Born April 23 1564 and he did not go to college. One of his sons hamlet died and he made romo and juilet and was a great buisness man. His words were kind of confusing and many people did not understand what he meant by it and many people thought it was the bible talking not him.
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Picture of William Shakespeare when he was really young

Why is Shakespeare Really So Famous?

His world play and the way his stories have a twist to them. His endings are not predictable and he is a great story teller. His abillity to describe and summerize human emotions is really good no writer has been able to prefect this like he has and this is why his books have been read for centries.

Of Course He's Famous for his Insults!

Shakespeare was a different person which is kinda what made him so famous, he was different and good at it. He was really good at making insults towards personal attributes/traits, foods or drinks,inamimate objects,types of indivduals,body parts/functions, and creatures
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Shakespeara started out being a poet and this is his book of poems

Things We've Learned From Shakespeare?

He had very good choice of word play, he was very good at making insults, different from the rest of the writters which is what made him stand out from the rest. some of his word play included "fire with fire" and set your teeth on the edge" these were creative and it takes people a little but to figure out what he meant by these words.

Hamlet Background?

Shakespeare started working on this in the early 1600s. Denmark during the late middle ages. What makes it interesting is the climax. The climax of Hamlet is a subject of debate. Some say it occurs when Hamlet kills Claudius, others when Hamlet hesitates to kill Claudius while Claudius is praying. A very interesting book it seems and by the greatest american author of all time.
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One of his best books and a very creative one that took place in Denkmar

Why Shakespeare loved iambic pentameter?

Shakespeare started out as a poet thats why his words are twisted and written very well. Many poets used a method called "Dactyl" which is a way of words to make the poem sound better. He liked iambic better because he felt it made the words sound better and made it more detailed.
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Chiwetel Ejiofor "Hamlet" from Why Shakespeare?

I think he did a very good job mixing the owrds together it made you more scared because it was so different and chiwetel did a great job of reading it and making it as detailed as possible.

Which Shakespeare Character Are You? quiz!

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This describes me perfect I like to have action in my life and Im passionate about what I do, I can be a creature of moods and I am reckless.