May Newsletter

Miss Cooke

Brain walk

We participated on a Brain Walk at our school through the Central Alberta Brain Injury Society. This interactive walk provided an opportunity to learn about the brain, what happens when it is injured as well as brain injury prevention.
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Change Drive For Fort McMurray

Our school raised money to donate to Red Cross in support of Fot McMurray. Students can bring in their change for the rest of the week! So far we have already raised over $1700. Well done EJSM!
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We will be swimming from May 27th to June 2nd. Student will need to bring a towel and their swim suits each day to school. If you would like to come and watch on the observation deck you are more than welcome to come! :)

What are we doing now?

We finished our unit of subtracting from 100. We will now be learning about measurement and will be doing lots of fun activities with measuring.

In science, we will finishing out unit on boats and buoyancy and will be beginning our unit on small crawling and flying animals.

We currently are doing our Daily 5 in Language Arts. We have been working on word choice in writing and will begin to read Charlotte's Web.

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Field Trip

Thank you everyone who has volunteered for our field trip. We currently have 4 parents who have signed up to volunteer and would love to have more. If you wish to come please remember that we will need a current criminal record check. Because you will be volunteering our school can write a letter for you to waive the criminal record check fee. However, you will need to give me your name that you will be supervising and come pick this letter up from the classroom. The office will not print this unless it is sent by the teacher. The sooner you send me and email that you would like to come, the sooner we can print the letter as criminal record checks can take some time to be completed. Please note that we need a new one on file each year.

Payment online will be available on May 31st! :)


May 4 - Hat's On Day

May 5 - Hot Lunch - Pizza

May 6 - PD Day - No School

May 9 - Brain Walk

May 13 - Family Dance

May 20 - PD Day - No School

May 23 - Victoria Day - No School

May 24 - No School

May 27- First Day of Swimming

May 30 - Swimming

May 31 - Swimming

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