Vote Bratton she'll blow you away!!

Martha Bratton VOTE VOTE VOTE!!!!!!!!

Martha Bratton Women On FIRE!!

  • BRAVE!!

Stood up for what she believed in.


Blew up store-house to stop British soldiers from getting the gun powder.


Nursed both British and Patriots soldiers.


  • Martha knew British soldiers were coming to get the gunpowder.
  • She blew up the store-house and injured British soldiers.
  • Martha also set up a hospital and nursed both British and American soldiers.

Background Infomation

  • Born in June 1749 Yorktown, South Carolina
  • Married Colonel William Bratton
  • Had four children
  • Died in 1816
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Why Vote For Martha Bratton?

  • The British soldiers wanted to steal our admission or gun powder.
  • That means that they can win the war easily and kill and injure a great deal of American soldiers.
  • Martha Bratton had a plan to blow up the store house with gun powder in it.
  • Martha blew up the store-house and injured British soldiers.


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