Sarah Gruenberger

All About Me

All About Me

Hobbies, Activties, School Subject Strength, and My Values

Hobbies: Collecting wizard of oz things and collecting snow globes.

Activities: Soccer, softball, gymnastic, bowling, volleyball, running and music.

School subject strengths: Math

Values: My family and friends.

The 3 Ways I Am Smart

1. Music Smart. I enjoy playing music and learning about it.

2. Number/Logic Smart. I am good at math and things to do with my brain.

3. Body smart. A way i express my self is through movement.

My Learning Style

I learn best by hearing and seeing others do things to show me.

General: 19% Reading, 38% Doing, 43% Hearing.

Math: 38% Talking Through, 62% Seeing it Done.

Social: 33% Learning by Myself, 67% Learning With Others.

Personal Globe Inverntory

Holland Code:

Conventional: working with set procedures and rules

Enterprising: involving with sales

Artistic: involves creativity and self expression

Three Career Clusters

1) Business Management

2) Finance

3) Marketing

Salary and Schooling of Business Management

Salary: 59,020- 173,140

School: Law, Economics, Psychology, and Statics and Probability