Sarah “Cin” Gilbert


A Little Bit About Me...

I am a current student at Ashford University majoring in Psychology. I have attended two universities in the past and one college. I have a 9-month son, I am going through a divorce and I am starting a new business. My academic goal is to pursue my master’s upon completion of my B.A. from Ashford. I recently decided to add a minor to my degree, to address my second professional interest. I decided to become a mentor as a method to assist others because I relate to the struggles that occur when returning to school. Additionally, I believe that having a mentor is one of the easiest methods to help readjust when encountering issues. Anyone can tell you that they understand but knowing that someone is/has endured similar trials and still excelled is paramount to most individuals. Hopefully, I can provide support and encouragement to someone and become their introductory “Ashford Sherpa”, so to speak, and assist them on their journey to academic success.