Staff Weekly

Published April 24, 2020

Standards Rollup

We'd like to collect information about which standards you were not able to teach to mastery this year so we can plan accordingly for next year.

Please enter that information here:

I have asked our feeder elementaries to add 5th grade info also.

FInal 13 Days

April 27-May 12: Continue mastery learning work for all students to bring current scores up. Enrichment may occur for students at a level 3.

May 13: Last Day planning in the works

Last Day for Staff

Officially May 21st if you DID NOT work on March 13th.

May 20th if you DID work on March 13th.

Rumors are out there that this is being moved to May 14 and 15. If that's true, we'll send that out when we know.


No advisement from district office on grading yet (in terms of how to use Q4 for overall grades).

Conversations we need to have eventually

1. How do we tackle the standards we didn't get to during 19-20 at the start of 20-21?

2. If we have to start with NTI, do we switch to an altered daily schedule where we see kids in classes daily in order to facilitate new learning?

3. How do we want to identify Reading, Writing, Math, and Organization RTI kids for 20-21?

Upcoming Celebrations

I am clearly easily confused. Maybe some of you are too so I'm sharing this info.

To donate for:

Maggie: Send to Max Llewellyn's Venmo

Tia: Send to Traci Barton's Venmo

Kristi: Send to Sara Fay's Paypal

Erica Bouwie: Send to Andy Jones' Venmo

8th Grade Yard Signs

When yard signs come in, I'll organize them by neighborhood and leave them in stacks in the main lobby bundled with the addresses they are delivered to laying on top of the stack. If you'd like to swing by and deliver some, you absolutely can.

We'll give you a shout when they are ready.


We have the following positions posted that we will interview for in the upcoming weeks:

1. Art Teacher

2. 7th grade teacher

3. Sped teacher for 7th grade

4. Sped teacher for 8th grade

We'll let you know more about how many of you we need for interviews after we know how many people apply, whether or not we have transfers, etc.

SBDM Voting

SBDM voting will likely roll out very soon. When voting, you should always consider...if Erika wins the lottery, who do we want responsible for picking our next principal? :) Seriously, you want to choose a panel of teachers who best represent you as a staff. SBDM should never be a popularity contest. It should be a group of individuals that will work together on a mission to improve academic success for our students.