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March Madness Anyone?

Someone definitely knew what they were doing when they came up with "March Madness". Thank you to everyone who came out and supported our Winter Carnival! It was a HUGE success. It seemed as if everyone had a great time. I know that the kids LOVED putting the teachers and myself in jail! Another BIG thank you to all of you who pitched in to bail us out! It was a lot of fun. I'm just hoping that we can also consider that the finale of winter! Here's hoping for warmer, sunnier days ahead of us.

We have Kindergarten registration! It is THAT time of year already! New Haven will be registering incoming kindergarteners for the 2015-2016 school year on March 13th from 12:00 to 6:00 pm. (see the attached flyer for more details) You can also download the kindergarten registration packet on our Boone Cty website if you'd like to get a jump start, OR cannot join us on registration day. http://www.boone.kyschools.us/ (under "For Parents" tab, first link). At this point, we still do believe we will be able to offer our Children's Inc. wrap-around service. (A service that is offered for parents who would like the extended school day for their child. AM and PM are offered, but there is a limit, so enrollment is first come/ first serve). I DO want to explain that IF our enrollment continues to increase there MAY be a chance that we would not be able to continue this service due to space issues. However; we will keep you informed.)

If you missed the carnival, don't worry! We've got plenty of other events right around the corner! Our Mother and Son Ball is coming up on March 20th! Get your tickets now and come out with your favorite guy(s) and have a ball with us. For more information visit: http://newhavenptaky.org

We are also offering a STEAM night! Join us in exploring 21st century skills, technology integration, and career studies! Our "Full STEAM Ahead" evening is March 23rd from 6:00 to 8:00.

We will end the month of March with a well needed and deserved Spring Break! Spring break is March 30th - April 3rd.

Entering the Home Stretch...

As we start to look forward to Spring, it also means we're looking at the end of the school year. What does this mean for us? Well, for our 3rd - 5th graders it means KPREP testing. This is the state assessment that measures many things including growth and proficiency. It's the accountability measure that is reported in the Fall. It is always scheduled during the last 2 weeks of school. I realize that we don't have those official dates yet, but I am asking you to please not schedule vacations, or appointments during this time. It is IMPERATIVE that students be at school ready to perform their best during the whole testing window. Even though the window is 2 weeks, elementary will test during a 5 day window. I will not approve any Educational Enhancement Opportunities during this time.

What makes up our accountability scores?

Three Components of the Accountability Model

Next-Generation Learners (70%) was the first component to be enacted in the 2011-12 school year. This component measures performance in the areas of achievement, gap, growth, college/career readiness and graduation rate.Elementary schools are held to achievement, gap, and growth. Achievement has been based upon the mathematics and English Language Arts Kentucky Core Academic Standards adopted by the Kentucky Board of Education, while the core standards 4.1 continued to be used for science and social studies.

Beginning in 2014-15 science was removed from the Kentucky Performance Rating for Educational Progress (K-PREP) assessments in grades 4 and 7, so that the schools may transition to the new science standards based upon the Next-Generation Science Standards.

The second component, Next-Generation Instructional Programs and Support (20%), officially began in the 2013-14 school year following a pilot of the program reviews. The program reviews are expanding from the original Arts and Humanities, Practical Living/Careers and Writing to include K-3 and World Languages. The K-3 program review was included in the 2013-14 calculation following a pilot process. World Languages will have a similar track and begin as a pilot for high schools in 2014-15 with elementary and middle school levels at a future date.

Next-Generation Professionals (10%) is the final component slated to be added to the model in the 2015-16 school year. The more common name is the Professional Growth and Effectiveness System (PGES) for teachers and school leaders.

Planning for next year!

We are expected to continue to grow in enrollment at New Haven! This is an awesome thing for our community. That also means that we will potentially be adding new faculty members and classrooms. Last summer was a VERY long hiring process with about 12 positions that we needed to fill. We won't have as many this summer, but with growth and retirements there will be some. Grade levels will look different with some movement, but we hired some amazing staff members last summer who have continued to grow due to the experienced and open faculty New Haven has. I have the same high expectations for this year.

That being said, we will be sending home teacher assignments and welcome letters in July again this year.

I've started receiving questions about student placements for next year. Walking into already completed class lists last year, I wasn't apart of the placement process, but I've had the opportunity to evaluate and talk with many about it. I feel very strongly about the high expectations of teaching and learning, and the expertise of our teachers. I also know, as a teacher, that we all have different strengths and qualities that contribute to the success of the team. All grade levels are expected to work as a team allowing for all students to have the same experiences. Each teacher brings to the table an unique teaching style guided with the same standards. We take all of this into consideration as we begin to plan for the following year. Creating class lists really is a complex process because we look at and consider many different criteria. We look at male / female ratios, achievement, needs (academic, social, emotional, etc), in addition to several other things. It is not a random process, but we also understand that sometimes there are other factors that need to be considered.

So what does this mean?
It means that I was serious when I said that I need you to be apart of this team. We need you to be an integral part of your child's success. You are their first teacher, and see somethings that we do not. We will be accepting placement requests from parents this year; however; the requests will follow specific guidelines that will allow us to make the best match for student success. Requests are not guarantees, nor will all requests be honored. Ultimately it will be about creating the best learning environment for everyone, while trying to match the qualities that best meet your child's needs.
Request letters must:
  • Explain what specific academic or social needs your child has.
  • What qualities / characteristics in a teacher would best meet the needs of your child?
  • Address other concerns if applicable to placement. (ex: health, personality conflicts,etc.)
  • Must be turned in to Mrs. Goble no later than Friday, May 22nd.
Please DO NOT ask for a specific teacher or to be placed with a group of friends.

Want to know what's going on? Check out the calendar link below!