For Sale-State of South Carolina

Asking Price: $1.57 Billion Dollars

This State is available for purchase right now!

It is approximately 23,868 sq. miles long and it has 15,275,520 acres of land for sale. It has such beautiful weather and does not get to cold in the winter. You have many beaches located in this or around the state. During the summer, you will have a great amount of travelers come through and that will help you get great income. It is located on the East Coast of the United States and is the Palmetto State! You do not want to miss out on this great oppurtunity!!
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Only $1.57 Billion Dollars! Buy now with Southeastern Realtor's; You pay less for the best!

Professional Work

We did all the professional work ourselves. We found out the approximate square miles there were in the State of South Carolina by using our brains and our resources. We used Google maps which helps give you the distance of the state from where you choose to locate it from. You can see all of the work up above or to the right of this text. For any questions please contact us at any of the contacts below.

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