Popcorn 500

Fueling Your Scouting Program

Approaching the finish line

Blitz weekend 2 is going on NOW! Sell just one item and earn a unique patch.

Take order forms, money and prize choice are due 10/13.

  1. Please add your name, phone number, email and your son's name on the take order form.
  2. Write the total number for each item on the bottom of the item columns.
  3. Write the total sales amount.
  4. Write your online sales amount, then the total take order sales amount and the summation in the equation spot on the bottom of the form.
  5. Write your son's prize choice on the order form.
  6. Keep the cash and write a check to Pack 179.
  7. Place all checks and the order form in an envelope.
  8. Write your son's name on the envelope.
  9. Hand it to your Den leader.

I need the take order forms to submit the popcorn order but I will be returning them to you when it is time to pick up the popcorn so you can use it to distribute your orders. Check out the prize flyer and let me know what prize your son wants based on his sales. This is also submitted at the same time as the popcorn order.

For every $400 we sell, the Pack gets $100 (the remainder, after costs, supports BSA). The money we make from fundraisers fuels our Pack activities throughout the year.

That is why we ask for $100 check (payable to "Pack 179") from those that do not wish to sell.

"What if I sell only $300?... $200?... $100?..."

Since the Pack receives $25 for every $100 sold, you can simply make up the difference. So, if you sell $300, then write a check for $25. If you sell $200, then write a check for $50. If you sell $100, then write a check for $75.


Blitz Weekend #2

Friday, Oct. 9th, 8am to Sunday, Oct. 11th, 5pm

Your Neighborhood

Have your scout sell at least one item and he will earn a special limited edition patch for weekend #2 (while supplies last)!!

Take Order Forms and Money Due

Tuesday, Oct. 13th, 7pm

2424 Midway Road

Plano, TX

Please bring your take order form AND money to the Pack meeting at Barksdale.

Popcorn Pick up

Saturday, Nov. 7th, 11:30am-12:30pm

2424 Midway Road

Plano, TX

Come pick up your popcorn at Barksdale!!

Important Dates

Download the list of important dates.

Questions? Comments? Photos?

Email me for questions.

Do you have a photo of your scout selling popcorn? Get it into this newsletter, send it to me or send a link.