Police Men / Police Women

By : Martha Diaz

Police Officer

A Police Officer is a person who protects people and property. A Police Officer works for the law. They have to respond to calls. They have to arrest people when they do something that breaks the law. They enforce the laws, they also go to court as a witness.They patrol the areas they are assigned, which include entire jurisdictions. They issue citations and they also have to testify in court sometimes.A typical task that a police officer has is that they respond to emergency or non emergency calls. Also they wear their uniforms so people can recognize them. A policemen responsibilities depend where they work at because if they work in a big neighbor they patrol it and look for anything suspicious.For some police positions they require high school education or GED. Also college education is needed for certain positions to become a policeman. In a state or large population where they want to go they are required to go train at a police academy.Training includes classroom instruction in constitutional law, civil rights, state laws and local ordinances, and police ethics.The job skills needed for this career smart, fast reflexes, and also being in shape is key.The job outlook was that this career will grow 5 percent from 2012 to 2022. The salary in 2022 will be 821,300 dollars. Most policemen work in local or state government. Also Police work can be stressful, harmful, and dangerous. They can find this work in this field by police agencies. The working conditions very health risky because they involve a lot of physical motion. For example a policeman can get injured by getting involved in a crime scene or exposed to high risk situation. A policeman is a full time job. Two people say about this career are very postive and important things. “ People sleep peaceably in their beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf. “ George Orwell said that a policemen does a very important job in our country. “ The police are not here to create disorder , They are here to preserve disorder” . Richard J. Daley said that the policemen are very important to the country.

High School Preparation

You can take Law at West Leyden. Taking Law will help you a lot because there you can learn about the laws in Illinois and the rights that a person has. Also it will talk about how to walk in court and what a person should do. Another course is that they can take Athletic P.E to get in shape and be use to the running. So when you go to the police academy you will be prepared to run a lot to be in shape for the policemen. Two clubs that you can join is Youth and Government Club. Also you can join Future Educators of America Youth and Government Club is very beneficial because its for student who like politics and they learn about how to create a bill. Future Educators of America is a good club because it does a lot of community fundraisers. A job that can help a Leyden student is shadow a security guard at West Leyden . My Physical Science teacher knows that if i put my mind set on something and want to do better. I will try a lot to study so the next time I take a test i can ace it. (Mr P- Physical Science Teacher, School District #212 ) . Mrs. Jarke know that I care for others and like to help them out. (Mrs. Jarke- Secretary , School District #212 ). Mrs. K knows that when I want to set my mind to finish my competition I will try really hard and practice a lot. (Mrs K. - Family and Consumer Science Teacher , School District # 212 ).

Post-secondary Plans

I would choose Orange County Academy because its in a nice state to live in. Also being on this campus is nice because its a private academy and its located in California. They have an amazing campus that is just the right size for not to big or small. This academy was established a 100 years ago. The best thing about this academy is that it’s located in California sheriff's department. Chicago Police Education and Training Division is also a good college for the people in Illinois. It’s a good college because its in Chicago and it’s not too far from where I live. Rasmussen College has a great set of teachers and it’s near where I live. The training is for four years.
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