Traveling to Canada?

All you need to know! By: Jennifer Yoon

Map of Canada:

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Information about Canada:

Where do most people live?

About 90% of the country's population live a hundred miles from the U.S border. The reason why is because of the trade, climate, and the natural resources. Canada is a leader in world trade mainly because of location. A reason why is because the U.S is Canada's #1 trading partner, and since the Great Lakes and the St. Lawrence River allows Canada to easily ship out goods, Canada can trade with either Asia or Europe however they like.

Northern Canada can also get to below freezing during summer, which is why very few people live in Northern Canada. Southern Canada is pretty mild compared to Northern Canada. I guess that most people didn't want to be ice fishing in the summer!

Now it all comes to the natural resources. Canada is actually rich in natural resources. A few examples of Canada's natural resources are coal, oil, natural gas, valuable metals (like gold and silver), valuable minerals (like diamonds), timber, and fish. The soil is also fertile and rich in nutrients which allows farmers to grow enough crops for trading with other countries.

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What kind of government does Canada have?

Canada's government is a federal system of government because power is divided by the central authority and other regional authorities. Canada's government is also a constitutional monarchy because Canada's head of state is still Queen Elizabeth II. Canada is technically independent from the United Kingdom, but it is still tied to the British monarch so the relationship between the two countries still continues today. Canada's government is actually a federal constitutional monarchy and parliamentary democracy because Canada is a democracy since a democracy is where the people have some power and get to vote on certain things. That means Canada is a parliamentary democracy. Therefore, Canada is a federal constitutional monarchy and parliamentary democracy.
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Who are Canada's influences?

The Canadian culture is heavily influenced by the French and English/British because Canada was colonized by the French and English/British. For example, Quebec was founded by Samuel de Champlain for France. Many people in Quebec actually speak French because of that. Currently, there are approximately 6.5 million French Canadians (who speak French) that are living in Canada. Christianity was most practiced in Canada, before the French brought Roman Catholicism along. That is the reason most French Canadians in Canada practice Roman Catholicism and most Canadians practice Christianity.
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Best places to visit in Canada

Out of all of the places you can visit in Canada, here is the top five best places to visit in Canada!

1. Vancouver

2. Montreal

3. Banff

4. Toronto

5. Quebec City

Pictures of the top three best places to visit in Canada:

Happy Traveling!