Vocabulary Presentation #4

Maddie Ellis

Merchantilism was viewed as means to increase the wealth of the English ________ at the expense of the colonies.

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n. an organized society, such as a nation, state, church, or other organization, having a specific form of government


polis G. city
politikos G. citizen





Polity vs. Policy

-polity is the system of government or administration of an institution OR something that has its own government
-policy refers to the management of achieving certain goals

Think that how that a polity is run by enacting certain policies.

Which of the following cannot be described as a polity?

a. tribe
b. colony
c. dictatorship
d. anarchy

Which of the following sentences uses polity incorrectly?

a. After the war for independence, the colonists set out to create a new polity based on republican values.
b. The Catholic church has a specific polity with the Pope at the top of the hierarchy.
c. The Proclamation of Neutrality of 1793 declared that the United States would adhere to the polity of staying out of European conflicts.
d. The emperor's main goal in waging war with the surrounding nations was to increase the borders of his own polity.
c. since it uses pol