Elementary News

April 2020

April is Awesome!

What a beautiful month. The sun is peeking through. The plants are budding. It's starting to look green! I noticed my peony bushes are poking through the grass!

But we do miss our students!

These are indeed unprecedented times, historical times, uncertain times.... At Tri-County, we strive to support you in these times as much as possible. As well as supplying lessons, your teachers are available for help with those lessons. By now you should've received a way to contact your student's teacher. If not, please let me know what I can do to help.

We held "drop off days" on March 30-31 for all students to return any completed work. Our next drop off days will be April 13th and 14th. When dropping work off, just turn in what work has been completed. You are not expected to turn in 3 weeks worth of work

As you know by now, we are out of school until April 24th. However, things can change quickly based on world events. We will keep you posted with any changes.

Looking forward to seeing everyone! Mrs. Cox

Tri-county students are the BEST!

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As you may have noticed, there are many companies opening up to families with additional resources, websites, etc. Remember that your student needs play time too! Being outside is great! Being active is a great way to spend your days.

Students should also be reading, practicing math facts, and working on what your child's teacher sent to you. If you don't understand something that the teachers sent home, don't worry about it. We will be reviewing when we return.

Our greatest desire is for everyone to remain healthy, both physically and mentally! See you soon!


Tri-County R-7 now has a closed Facebook page. This page is for sharing news and updates. It's also is a place for teachers to share information with our students and their families. Look for us on Facebook: "Tri-County R-7".

Virtual Spirit Days starting April 6th!

Hello Mustangs of all ages!

With the craziness going on in the world we thought it would be fun to mix it up a little!

So next week let’s have our own little virtual Spirit Days on Facebook! So all you have to do it pick a day do whatever activity is listed, have someone take the picture and post it on Tri-County R-7 Facebook page! All items will be ok’d by an administrator before it is posted on Facebook. Can’t wait to see what you all come up with! Teachers we want to see your pictures too!!

Monday: Selfie with your Pet day!

Tuesday: Hawaiian Day!

Wednesday: Help cook something day! Let’s see pictures of the great food!

Thursday: Play a game day! This can be outside or a board game!

Friday: Dress Up day! Get out of your PJ’s and dress-up!

If you don’t have Facebook and want to share a picture with your teacher to be posted, you can email or text them.

Need anything?

Pamela Cox

Elementary Principal PreK-4