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Great news! CVESD has provided your child an OFFICE 365 account at NO COST to you! OFFICE 365 PRO PLUS includes Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and One Note. This Student Advantage Program is a WONDERFUL opportunity and teaching tool. This account will allow your child to begin assignments in class and continue to work on them at home. Currently, all digital assignments are confined to the laptop they are begun on in class and not able to be worked on at home. After this fall break we will begin PowerPoint presentations and will need ALL students to set up their OFFICE 365 account before we return. Below is the link (Student Advantage Program) and follow this formula for signing in. NOTE: Student ID# is the same number used for Achieve 3000 username. Password should be the same as well, except first initial needs to be CAPITALIZED for Office 365.

  • Username:
  • Password: Upper case first letter of first name, lower case of last name, followed by the 8 digit birthdate in the mmddyyyy format

For example:

Student Name: Adam Green

ID#: 222333

Born: May 4, 2004

Once you are signed in to OFFICE 365, click on the Office 365 logo in the top left corner of the page, click INSTALL NOW and you're ready to go! We appreciate your support in student success this 2015-2016 school year and thank you for enrolling your child over this break.

Math Tutoring

Math tutoring will begin week of October 12th. Please look for notice from your child's teacher for day and time it will be offered.

4th Grade Teachers

Mrs. Carreon : Room 304: Writing/Social Studies

Mrs. Kolodziej: Room 305: Math/Science

Mr. Riggs: Room 306: Wiritng/Social Studies

Mrs. Connary: Room 503: Math/Science


Any questions or concerns? You may contact teachers directly at:

Upcoming Events

Sept. 10-18: Parent/Teacher Conferences- MINIMUM DAYS!

Sept. 15: PTA General Meeting @ 7:00

Sept. 18: Report cards go home

Sept. 21-Oct. 2: FALL BREAK

Oct. 6: Students Return-MINIMUM DAY!


Achieve 3000:

  • 740 Lexile by the end of the year


  • 120 words per minute


  • 20 words per minute

AR Level:

  • 4.5-5.0 range


  • Narrative-write 3 to 5 paragraph essay
  • Opinion-write 3 to 5 paragraph essay
  • Informative-write 3 to 5 paragraph essay


  • 75% or higher average in all math quizzes/tests
  • Complete all 8 math fluency tests

Keyboarding Skills Practice

Your child has been set up with an account with Please log in and have them practice keyboarding skills throughout the week.