The Middle Colonies

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When you come to live in the Middle Colonies, there are some things you should know. You first have to choose what colonie you would like to live in. Ther are four to choose from: New York Pennslyvania, New Jersey, and Deleware. They are all by many fresh water supplies that fertilize the soil. This makesit easier to farm and find jobs. If you are religious, you are allowed to practice freely and we are very diverse in the Middle Colonies.There are many great schools but you have to work hard to have an education. There was slavery used and they did most of the farmwork. Thease are the things you must know about when you move to the middle colonies.

Fun Facts

The middle colonies are called the bread basket colonies because of all the wheat they export.

When you have a big farm, that opens jobs or you can purchase slaves.

Slaves make up one third of the state of Pennslyvania.