Technology Open Lab

Falling in Love Again!

SCCS is a SMART School

Come fall in love with SMART Notebook software again! Stop by and see the new SMART Interactive Flat Panel in action! See what the new SMART Notebook 15.1 and your SMART Notebook 11.4 version has to offer. Click here to see the 3D Warehouse AMAZING graphics and animations offered. A heart pumping, a plant cell, Earth and moon orbit, the life cycle of a butterfly and much more.

SCCS is a Discovery Streaming School

Looking for ways to help you students select important ideas and summarize? Try the 6 Word Story Strategy using an image or video from Discovery. Or, looking for ways to motivate your students to create and collaborate? Check out Board Builders in Discovery. Board Builders allows students to create a digital poster and share it.

SCCS is a School of Thinkers

Activity: See, Think, Wonder

Challenge your students to cultivate their thinking with a "SEE, THINK, WONDER" routine. Click here to watch a demonstration of using the activity called, "See, Think, Wonder" in a science lesson. Possibilities for students to collaborate, communicate, and think critically in various subjects.

Try SEE, THINK, WONDER! It's Live!

Sr.Hyacith and I saw Tracy Clark present the activity below at TCCA 2015, a free conference offered each year in Aldine ISD on a Saturday!

Please try the activity below. It's Live!

Big image
Big image


ACTIVITY: SEE, THINK, WONDER presented by Tracy Clark at TCCA 2015

Look at the Google Doodle Above & on then respond to each question below on Padlet.

1. Go Here: What do you see? Try to focus just on what you see (not what you think about it yet...)

2. Go Here: What do you think about that?

3. Go Here: What does it make you wonder?