An Extraordinary End To April!

Day Five


I cannot believe what this team is accomplishing together!!! Individual goals are being chased and the sum of all of our efforts is something REALLY REALLY BIG!!!! We sold 21K yesterday alone! So many more of you have been added to the list for selling $500 and earning your Extraordinary bracelet!

Take a look at all our earners here!

For our last two EXTRAORDINARY days of the month, we are focusing on PURPLE-PALOOZA!

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Let's make some PURPLE RAIN!!!!

We're all working outside orders like crazy already and doing some incredible it's time to look to our open trunk shows and make some PURPLE MAGIC happen!!!

What the heck am I talking about?! Let me explain!

Stop what you are doing and head to the Stylist Lounge. Head to Reports, then click on Team Trunk Show Pipeline (even if you don't have a team yet - do this!) Take a look at your trunk shows and the colored dots next to them. If they are grey that means the trunk show hasn't happened yet or has had no orders- and the colored dots represent sales with the key shown in the picture below.

Our goal is ALWAYS the PURPLE DOT!!!! My philosophy is - if I am leaving my house for 2-3 hours and spending my time working OR working my tail off to do a successful online session, I want to make that trunk show AT LEAST $1000 because it will give me AT LEAST $250 in commissions and my Hostess AT LEAST $250 in Hostess credits (aka FREE JEWELRY!)

Over the next three days, our goal is to make AS MANY dots change to purple as we can!!!!

HOW? If you have an in person show over the next three days, it's easy!!! Work with your Hostess to get at least 10 people in the door and work on connecting individually with each guest! Work the scarf promo, work the TSEOs, work Teacher Appreciation and Mother's Day!!!

If you don't have an in person show - look at the dots you have and focus on turning them to purple! Check out the words to say in the Extraordinary End Day Four post to work your outside orders and enlist your Hostess as your ally!!!! I just turned TWO dots to purple today by reminding my Hostesses that they had open trunk show links and asked them to reach out to those who couldn't come. IT CAN BE DONE if you believe!!!!

EVERYONE that turns a dot to purple between today and Saturday at midnight will get one of my favorite purple things from me! And ONE lucky lady will receive the PERFECT PURPLE PACKAGE filled with all my favorite purple things!

In order to be entered to win, you must post your purple dots on the pinned post on our team page!

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New and don't have an open trunk show yet?

No problem! Dig into the words to say I posted over the sent the past four days and keep trucking! Your sponsor is there to help you so reach out to her for help. We are all cheering each other on to the finish line to hit our individual goals!

You are part of something TRULY extraordinary!!!!!

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xo, Krista