Graham Beck - My Identities

Visual Identity

Who I am

I am a freshman year student here at College of Charleston. Keeping my same southern lifestyle active from my original home being New Orleans Louisiana, the adjustment from home to living 500 miles away was incredibly simple. I am an outdoors/nature driven individual, I say y'all and aint, I actually enjoy chicken and waffles, and the polo and vineyard vines logo can usually be found on my clothes. I come from a rather large family being the eldest of three little brothers. I have somewhat assumed a parental position throughout the past years while our parents have been going through a divorce. This experience has caused me to value relationships with my family and others a lot more than my I did before this step of maturation. The most influential people in my life have been all of my friends over the past years. Without the experiences I have had with them I wouldn't be half the person I am today. Today I feel like I am well defined by my outgoing and always social personality. I thrive on relationships with friends and always have to have something social going on to be happy. I hope that my future holds many opportunities because I cannot foresee what I could picture myself doing for the rest of my life, other than continuing to meet more and more people and have more and more memories.