The movement of air

Wind is in the air

Air movement jet streams and fonts are all different types of wind. Wind can be very strong or sometimes it is very weak. You would probably think that OH NO wind is so strong it will probably blow my house over but don't worry I don't think it will do that to you.

The movement of air

The air is all around us even when you think it doesn't exist. All of us breath in and out air so we survive. The air is like the wind actually it is the exact same thing. When air flows it will make wind, and that's air!

The Beaufort scale

The beaufort scale is a scale that measures wind speed. the lowest it can go is 0 which is chimney smoke rises up into the air. The highest number on the Beaufort scale is 12 because it says HURRICANE and widespread damage.Around here we would mostly get a 2 or a 1 because it is light air and light breeze.

the river of air in our atmosphere

Our atmosphere has many parts to it . There are five layers in our atmosphere the layers are Troposphere, Stratosphere, Mesosphere, Thermosphere, and Exosphere.


Cold Fonts

When warm air hits cold air it creates a cold front. A Front is when one air mass hits another air mass in this case cold air is hitting warm air which is creating a cold front. AAs the cold air slips underneath the warm air it pushes the warm air up causing it to cool. If their is enough moisture, clouds may form and rain or snow may fall.

Warm Fonts

Warm fronts is when warm air hits cold air. Warm air is lighter then cold air so when they cause a warm front, the warm air climbs over the sloping sides of the colder denser air of the cold air mass.

Breezes and winds

Mountain winds

Chinooks, mistrals, zondas, and williwaws are all types of mountain winds around the world. For example chinooks are warm, dry winds that blow down from slopes of the "Rocky Mountains" in the United States and Canada.

Sea or Lake Breezes

When you are near a large body of water you might feel a breeze coming from the sea this type of breeze is called sea breeze. This happens when the sun heats up the land quicker then the water. The air is lighter so it rises. Cooler air from over the water moves in to replace the rising warmer air and creates sea or lake breeze

Land Breeze

At night the land cools down quicker then the water. So the wind blows from the cooler land to the warmer water. This is called land breeze.

Jet Streams

A jet stream is a strong fast river of air in our atmosphere. They are caused by huge temperature differences high in our atmosphere. Jet streams can blow up to 100 miles per hour and may cause major shifts in our weather patterns.

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