My Million Dollar Project

By. Alex Barrett


Now you are going to see my Million Dollar Project. Our teacher (Mr. Fincel) told us that the president has let children buy lottery tickets. So if we would win, he told us what would we do with one million dollars. We are supposed to use as much as we can of the one million dollars. I picked college, but others picked travel

College Expenses

I've got all my prices on another link, but my total for the "College Expenses" is $125,312.68. I got my prices from

Vehicle Expenses

The car I'm buying is a Techart GT Street and it $325,000.00 plus tax which is $21,531.25 then plus tax it is $346,692.50. Then I'm going home every weekend and holiday so I'm going to go home at least 43 times. I have to stop at least 1 time in my trip so I'll pay around $161.25.

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For the food process I picked two things from the menu in breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

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After College

So for "After College" I have to buy a house and food. Then I bought 2 30 acres fields and livestock (10 cows, 30 chickens, and 5 hogs).

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Total Money Spent

With all of the stuff in my progect it all adds up to $999,964.01 and there's $35.99 left.