First Grade Newsletter

September 15th-19th

Fourth week's Information

Dear Parents,
The first six weeks of school your child will not receive a progress report or report card. Our goal is to help first graders transition from Kindergarten. They will learn the expectations and will be prepared to receive numeric grades beginning the second six weeks of school. We will, however, be observing their citizenship and behavior in the classroom. One student from each class will receive our Top Dog award this six weeks. Top Dog is based on our character trait pillars. The first trait is respect. Each teacher will be looking for a student in the classroom who excels in showing respect towards their peers in our school community.

Learning Targets

A Learning Target is the desired goal of each task in which your child will actively be involved. In addition, it engages your child in reflective evaluation of their own performance.

Readers Workshop:

Students will learn how to activate their "schema" (background knowledge) to help them make predictions and read for meaning. They will also learn how to look for known words in unknown words to improve their word recognition and fluency. Students will learn short vowel -o word families.

Writers Workshop:

In writing your child will be learning how to purposefully share their work in our author's chair. They will learn how to organize a story using a beginning, middle and end. Students will see modeled work for adding in details to make their story more exciting.

Social Studies:

We will learn about our Constitution and how the past is similar or different from the present. Students will write about how they are showing patriotism in today's time.

Math Workshop:

Students will be learning how to find ways to count numbers and share those ideas. We will continue to visit how to get unstuck while solving problems as well as use 10 frames to support our learning. If you have ice-trays that have 10 holders, grouping items in the trays could be a fun way to practice at home.


We will learn about different measuring tools such as, measuring tapes, thermometers, balances, clocks and how they will be used in Science.

We were born to be teachers and students!

Kid President's Pep Talk to Teachers and Students!

Million Word Challenge

We will host a Million Word Challenge kickoff at the beginning of the year to build excitement and encourage each child to participate in reading a million words. For each student who reaches this goal, there will be a celebration at the end of the school year. We encourage parents to participate with their children by keeping track of the books read together at home.

Reading Logs: Will be sent home at the end of September.

Each day students will record the books they read on their log. Re-readings of the same book will not count. Any library books or books read at home do count towards the challenge. Supporting your child's reading goal will make this experience even bigger and better. Let's share the excitement and get those books logged in!

Upcoming Events

September 16th: Watchdog Pizza Night
September 16th: PTA Meeting @ 5:30
September 23rd: Curriculum Night from 5:30-6:30 p.m. This event will be especially beneficial for parents to attend as well as totally cool! We will be modeling many strategies your child will learn throughout the school year. We are hopeful that having you join us will be empowering for you and for your child.
September 30th: Boosterthon begins!

Volunteer Opportunities

Dear Parents,

At Beck we embrace the many opportunities for volunteering. In the next few weeks your child's teacher will be letting you know of volunteer opportunities in their classroom. All parents who wish to volunteer in the classroom must have a background check completed prior to volunteering. If you are interested please visit the NISD homepage to fill out the background check. We would love to have you in the classroom, but have to ensure the safety of all students. We look forward to working with you this year!

The First grade team

Teacher Contact Information

Brytnei Rocha:
Stefanie Dailey:
Dan Flank:
Alyssa Stas:
Amy Harding:
Breanne Goeke:
Kristin Beaty:

Transportation Changes

To ensure your child's transportation changes are met each day, please contact the front office or email and CC your child's teacher with the changes. It would be best to notify us as early in the day as possible.

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