Imobiliare bucuresti

Making small talk

But accidents happen all the time. She looked at me, solemnly. You do not understand, Johanna. The waiter appeared again, asking if we were ready imobiliare bucuresti to order food. We had not yet looked at the menu, but after the roller-coaster conversation my appetite had been replaced by a knot of twisted emotions. I’ll have another Singha, I volunteered. Yes. More beer, Lisette said. Also, we will have the shrimp appetizer.

Doesn’t that sound good? I nodded, not caring about food, watching Lisette chat with the waiter, Then, with a supreme effort, I deliberately relaxed my shoulders, reminding myself Lisette’s insinuations were based on her own recent problems. They had nothing to do with Richard and me. I trusted Richard. You are worried about something? Lisette said when the waiter left. Not at imobiliare bucuresti all, I lied. This menu is really great. Everything looks excellent. Perhaps a nice spicy chicken? You are getting hungry, are you?

Not yet, I contradicted myself. The waiter returned with our beer, which we sipped while. Thankfully, with no further mention of Richard. As the restaurant filled up, from time to time a man would wave or stop by to chat with Lisette. You seem to know a lot of people, I commented. I have been on the island for several months, so I know many people. Especially those who stay on the island for awhile. Which reminds me, I said, thinking of Danny, An American fellow who’s been around the island for some time seems to be missing. You might’ve met him. Lisette shook her head, immediately dispelling the possibility. No.

I do not know of anyone who is missing. Well, this fellow speaks French. Apparently he’s quite fluent. His name’s Danny? She shook her head, again. You must not think too much about such things. People come and go here on the island. He is probably traveling somewhere else. Maybe, but he paid his rent then disappeared without letting anyone know. His girlfriend is really worried.

Lisette lifted the package of cigarettes from the table and took one out, then held out the package. Would you like a cigarette? I don’t smoke, I said, waiting for her reply. This man. She stopped to light the cigarette before continuing. You are concerned about him, Johanna? Not exactly. I met his girlfriend and imobiliare bucuresti she’s really worried. I thought his disappearance seemed odd. You see? It is like I told you. Women—they trust a man too much and then they suffer.

He has gone away because he has lost interest in her. You cannot trust a farang man in this country. What do you mean? Why not? Everybody knows farang men imobiliare bucuresti are after Thai women. I shook my head, skeptical. I’ve seen a lot of couples traveling together. I didn’t get the impression the men were looking for someone else. Perhaps here it’s not so obvious. But you only see the surface. If you look closer you will be surprised.

What about Thai men? Are they any better? Lisette rolled her eyes, waving a hand to dismiss the thought. They are the worst, Johanna. Even a Thai woman does not go with a Thai man if she does not have to. Come on, Lisette. They can’t be that bad. I am telling you the imobiliare bucuresti truth. Thai men can have more than one wife and many girlfriends.

Thai women can have only one man. They become slaves for the man’s family when they marry. For a woman it’s better to work in Patpong. That’s awful, I said, shaking my head, not entirely convinced. Why do you stay in a country where women are treated so badly? Her sigh came out on a stream of smoke.