Outstanding Oceanography

Branch of Science:

The branch of science that this job would be classified under is earth science because oceanography is the study of the ocean.

About the job:

Oceanographers study oceans, ocean floors, and coastlines. They study the animals and plants that live in oceans, and the way the air above the sea and the sea affect each other. Other researchers that are studying weather forecasting, ocean mining, national defense, and fishery improvement are helped by oceanographers research and findings. The five basic areas in oceanography are, physical, chemical, geological, biological, and marine. When working as an oceanographer, you mainly work in an office or a laboratory. There aren't many working places in Wisconsin, but one is construction quality management.

Education path:

The major you would need for being an oceanographer is geosciences. The high school classes that would be helpful for this job are: calculus, chemistry, physics, statistics and probability, and biology. The college courses are: biology, calculus, chemical oceanography, differential equations, earth dynamics, hydro mechanics and wave theory, introduction to oceanography, marine biology, marine geology, physical oceanography, physics, probability and statistics, quantitative analysis, thermodynamics, and weather and climate.

Training school and college:

The college that i chose is is the Central Michigan University, the location of it is mount pleasant in Michigan and the setting is small town rural. It is a public school and it is a four year . The student to faculty ratio is 21:1 and the reason that I chose this school is because it is close to Wisconsin.


Oceanography is not a common job in Wisconsin because there are no oceans. An employer in Wisconsin is the WC- Connection Employer CQM, INC. and it is located in Green Bay (area code 54311).


The median salary in Wisconsin is $67,660 and the National median salary is $82,500.


The pros of being an oceanographer are that you get to learn about and study the ocean and the animals and plants that live in it. The con of being an oceanographer and living in Wisconsin is the fact that you are so far away from the ocean, so it isn't a very common job in Wisconsin.


The average GPA needed to get into the school that I chose, is 3.3. The average SAT score that you need to get into the school is 960 to 1099, and the average ACT score is a 20 to 23.