Give a Ten for Convergence

On December 1, ACTS Group launched our “Give a Ten” end of year campaign. We looked and realized that if everyone who has benefited from ACTS Group through Convergence simply gave $10, it would be a game changer to close the year.

1. Please click here to donate $10 or more to ACTS Group today. OR, you can click here to set up monthly giving or give 10x10 ($100) or 10 "cubed" ($1000) on our main online giving platform.

2. Please forward this newsletter to 10 people inviting them to sign up for the newsletter or link to one of our online communities through Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

Because you have known about, believed in, prayed for and/or financially supported and/or prayed for the ACTS Group, we are calling upon you to give in December. As you give, please remember that your local church comes first, then extra giving outward to missions and causes you believe in.

Sponsored by Sacramento PRAYS

SacramentoPRAYS was formed out of the prayer group that came together to support and pray for the 2012 Luis Palau Sacramento Festival. The express purpose of forming SacramentoPRAYS was to continue to unify, strengthen, and encourage believers to pray in and for the Sacramento Region.

To learn more go to