Roman Republic

The Slaves

Many people have been worrying about the sudden attitude change in slaves. Slaves are the lowest of people, they do not have a voice, but suddenly they are beginning to. Many wives have expressed fear to their husbands that the slaves will begin to run away. The past hundred or so years slaves have been unusually outspoken. They are behaving as if they have rights they do not.
I do believe that these slaves deserve somewhat better treatment. They have no right to defend themselves from abuse of any kind. Children of slaves or children slaves are being brought up in a less than satisfactory way. Why is it okay to treat children so horribly? I doubt that many will change their ways, but I know the slaves will. The rate of slaves that rebel will rise, and many will run away. Maybe our servants should be paid, even just some money. Then they have hope, and they may even be more determined.


Crossing the Rubicon

Julius Caesar, our ruler has recently crossed the Rubicon with the military. This has erupted into a civil war and many are unhappy. He was only equipped with one legion, and even though they were highly outnumbered, Pompey did not fight.
Caesar is slowly losing his devoted following. He first started out as a smart, young soldier who was achieving many things. Early on he was able to defeat any empire or city he dreamed of. His power and strength was overwhelming. He is slowly becoming a deceiving dictator.


Allanus Vicco

Allanus Vicco was a loved military man who died after contracting a small illness.

71 BCE - 49 BCE

Frederickis Gratia

Frederickis Gratia was a well known actor who was featured in many popular plays. He died yesterday presumably of old age.

92 BCE - 49 BCE


3 Sheep

Farmer Aelius Vinicius is in need of 3 sheep. He is willing to offer a horse or 10 chickens.

The horse is very healthy but very small and is only good for certain jobs. It does not need grain if you have a grass patch. The chickens are all very brawny and they each lay an egg a day.

If you are interested in trading travel to his living place anytime during the day, the wife will fetch him for you. Located 1 mile out of the North Gate.


The Vitus family is searching for a young, healthy female slave. She needs to have experience caring for babies. She must be between 14 and 18 years old. They are willing to pay up to 7,000 denarii and a fine necklace worth 2,000 denarii for an exceptional slave.

They are the 4th house on the 3rd Eastern block. Come anytime between 2 and 4 O'clock with the slave.


Cibum Popina

Cibum Popina is a delicious new restaurant near the Town Houses. It offers many meals but mainly high quality meat. The prices are exceptional for such delicious food. Out of all 10 reviews it was given 5 stars from each.

Stella Theatro

Stella Theatro is a great fully outdoor theater that offers 2 plays a week. The actors have been said to be the best out of all Roman theaters. It seats 1,000 people and you can buy tickets before the show. It is getting more popular, so it is suggested you arrive early. Out of 57 reviews it has averaged out to 4 stars.

Palatio Sollicitantes

Palatio Sollicitantes is a small theater located 1 mile from the Western side of the Town Home blocks. It seats 500 people and shows plays in a monthly rotation, 4 repetitions of a play throughout the month, then a new play the next month. Dinner is served and the price is a part of your ticket price. The seats are made of fine animal hide and are known for being extremely comfortable. It is roofed and has 3 walls. Tickets are purchased a week before the play, and a schedule is located in the lobby (a separate structure next to the theater). Out of 29 reviews, it received an average of 5 stars.

Cibum Deorum

Cibum Deorum, meaning Food of the Gods is one of the most popular city restaurants. The payment method is unique, as you pay for a meal and eat as much as you want instead of paying for the amount you eat. It has become a popular place for military generals. When it first opened one of Julius Caesar's very own men ate here and was boasting about how delicious it was. It is often crowded on Saturdays and Fridays warns the manager. Out of 46 reviews it received an average of 4.5 stars.


Runnning Race

Tuesday, April 6th 4900 at 7pm

Imperium Gymnasi

Atiicus Darmus, Anthony Ostium, Rudolpho Equitemus and Vetim Chaleb are running in the
race next week. You pay before entering the gymnasium. Only 1,500 can be seated.

Wrestling Match

Monday, April 12th 4900 at 8pm

Magna Gymnasium

Georgus Femus and Ademus Robur are competing against each other for a 2,000 denarii prize. Entrance fees can be paid at the gymnasium before entering. Only 900 people will be seated for this event.

Sports News

Last week Daniel Burnus competed for his 3rd time in a running race. He ran against 4 other very experienced men and came in first place. He has been praised by retired sportsmen and locals.

Famous boxer Julian Netus retired after sustaining a wrist injury. His friends and piers advised him that he had reached an age where sporting was not healthy. He agreed and announced to the public he would no longer be competing.