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Advice Column with Hanna

Dear Hannah,

I have something juicy to share with you girl. My friend might be experiencing a case of delirium, but I'm not going to say any names. She's been distant towards me lately, and trying to go out past curfew. She's really starting to scare me. I don't want anything bad to happen to her. For the first time since the day we met, I feel like I am losing my best friend. Please Hanna, help me get through this awful time of struggle.

Love, Sugga Bear

Dear, Sugga Bear

It seems to me that you and your friend are going through some things. But before you jump to conclusion on saying that she's "in love" and such. Make sure you sit her down, talk to her, make sure you let her know that it will all be okay. Don't push her away like everyone else who's scared in town would. So my advice to you is, calm down. Don't be such a judgemental friend, and show your friend that no matter what the issue is. You will be there for her.

Love, Hanna

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Movie Review: Delirium

Delirium is a perfect love movie for a girl wanting something that she can't have. Lena, (main character) wanting to rush her way to get her cure for the sickly disease Delirium. But then sudden she meets a boy. The boy full of wonder and adventure. Something fresh and new. Something that makes her think twice about her wanting to rush things. Or better yet make her regret even thinking about the cure to the deeply injected dose of delirium.

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Feature article

Feature Article: Freedom Palace

A local teen has founded a orginazation to help teens battling trying to stay away from the disease. "By building this orginazation, young teens will be more aware on why we have to get cured" , says the teen. "They will have a better understanding on why the thing we call love is not good for the human soul".

With things including classes, clubs, and meetings. Teens will always be entertained, and never have to worry about ever being bored at this orginazation. They will be way more than happy!

Yoga Block

All things yoga, all the time. Prices start at $30 a class. Please contact us with the number below!

Advice Column

Persuasive Movie Review

Ben's Barbeque

Best saling barbeque since 1947. With low prices of $10 a slab of ribs


Alex was a great young man. Being the fact that he only lived to be 18 years old, he had a full life. Filled with adventure and wonder. Wanting to get away from the bad things in life. November 21, 2015 was the daye of his birth. November 23, 2032 was the date of his home going. He had no siblings and had been away from his parents when thus tragedy occured. May he rest in peace, and let God be with him
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