By Mollie Howell


Hello! You are going to learn how to roller skate and soon you'll be a roller skating LOVER! The different chapters to help get you up on your feet are called What you need, Comfy Clothes, What Roller Skates look like, How to put Roller Skates on , and how to Roller Skate. I hope you'll know how to roller skate by the time you finish. I hope you'll also LOVE this book . READ THIS BOOK NOW:)

Chapter 1:What you Need

What you're going to need to start roller skating is roller skates,a helmet that fits, and comfy clothes so that you'll feel comfortable. You need to wear these certain kinds of things if you want to be safe while roller skating . If you are afraid that you are going to fall, you can wear knee pads and elbow pads so that it won't hurt (as much) when you fall down. If you don't have any knee pads and elbow pads, you can go to Meijer or Target to get them. The next chapter is going to be called "Comfy Clothes."

Chapter 2:Comfy Clothes

What are comfy things that you wear on your body and keep you warm in the winter? If you guessed clothes, you were right! But not just clothes, comfy clothes! Comfy clothes would be leggings, jeans, or sweat pants, or even shorts and a t-shirt if it's hot. If it's Fall or the beginning of Spring (no roller skating in Winter) it would be cold, so you would want to wear something warm. Comfy clothes will be safe while roller skating. If you wore uncomfortable clothes, such as dresses or nice clothes, they might hurt your body and then it would be hard to roller skate. The next chapter is called " What Roller Skates Look Like."

Chapter 3: What Roller Skates Look Like

What can be multicolored and has four wheels? If you guessed Roller Skates you're right! Have you ever used Roller Skates before? Have you ever seen roller skates before? If you haven't seen roller skates before , you are reading the right chapter. My roller skates are purple and black. They have buckles and shoe laces on them. Do you now understand what they look like? If not, try looking up roller skates on Amazon and you could order some. The next chapter is called " How to Put Roller Skates On."

Chapter 4: How to Put Roller Skates On

If you want to know how to roller skate, you need to know how to put the roller skates on. Sometimes your roller skates might have buckles, and sometimes your roller skates might have shoe laces. They could maybe even have both. My roller skates have shoelaces and buckles. If you want to put roller skates on, do the following: # 1 Slide your foot in them (make sure they fit just right). #2 start tying the shoelaces ( double knotted ) or buckle the buckles (tight). #3 try to stand up and keep your balance. The next chapter is called " How to Roller Skate."

Chapter 5: How to Roller Skate

What is your favorite way to start roller skating? My favorite way to start roller skating is by holding a parent or sibling's hand. If you don't want to start big, start small. You can start small by taking little strides. Little strides are like little steps except with roller skates. You can hold somebody's hand while taking little strides. If you can't hold anyone's hand, try to solve the problem. Try getting knee pads and elbow pads. If you are so brave and ready to start, you could even try roller skating all by yourself ! I hope you liked this informational book . Thanks for reading roller skating rules!:) I hope you like this book so much, you could read it all over again!

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