Peek at the Bancroft Week

Volume 2 Edition 6

September 27 - October 1

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BOOKFAIR IS HAPPENING NOW thru Thursday, 9/30!

Walk & Bike to School Day

On Wednesday, October 6th, Bancroft is celebrating Walk & Bike to School Day. Please consider leaving your car at home to avoid being stuck in traffic while dropping off and picking up your Bobcats. It’s healthy and can be cleaner for the environment. While it might take a little longer, it will give you additional time with your kids outdoors, going on a little adventure together. You’re bound to see others in our community doing the same thing.

We know some of our students are coming quite a distance to get to Bancroft each day. If you can’t walk or bike the whole way, consider parking at Heather Farm or the commuter lot in Shadelands. Doing a little will do a lot of good.

If you’re biking...

We ask that you take the Contra Costa Canal Trail that runs parallel to Parrish. Please enter the school near Dianne Adair at the gate nearest the Safeway shopping center.

If you’re walking...

We ask that you either take Parrish or arrive via the Canal Trail entrance nearest the teacher’s parking lot.

If you do end up driving...

Please be extremely careful and keep a lookout for students and parents also using the road on foot or on bike. Many of them are likely doing this for the first time. Give them extra space and make eye contact. We need your help to ensure that everyone is safe and able to enjoy this event.

Looking forward to a fun & safe celebration of Walk & Bike to School 2021!

Technology Survey *Parents and Guardians*

The Technology Surveys are now available and will be open to 10/5/2021. Just to refresh everyone's memory, the surveys are designed for students The survey is anonymous and will only be reported as an aggregate of the site. The purpose of the survey is to gather information on technology access, skills, and your school's technology environment. It will also provide insights into the impact of 1:1 programs and technology initiatives as well as help with qualifying for funding opportunities. Please use the this link to access the survey.

COVID-19 Information Page

We understand that there are many questions surrounding COVID-19 and protocols and procedures at Bancroft. I can assure you that ALL district guidelines, processes and procedures are being used with fidelity. You can find a copy of those procedures on the district website.

Noon Supervisor

HUGE shoutout to our fabulous volunteers during arrival, lunch time, and dismissal. Your service has been invaluable.

We are trying to hire noon supervisors. If you or anyone you know are interested in working at Bancroft just 8 hours a week, please click on the link here or go to the district website. All our lunch supervisors were parents of former students that just wanted to work where their child attended school. It's a win-win for all.

Arrival and Dismissal

Thank you for continued support at arriving and leaving school each day. We are seeing great improvements with the flow of traffic.

To help facilitate a smooth and safe drop-off/pick-up in a timely manner, please:

 Drive carefully and slowly. Leave a little earlier so that can slow down as you approach our school.

 Use the arrival and departure paths indicated on the map below. Enter and exit Parish Dr from Arkell.

 Do not stop in the middle of the street to drop-off or pick-up children. Bicycles and cars attempt to pass

and this can cause accidents.

 Do not make U-turns on any street. Follow the paths on the map below to exit the neighborhood.

 Do not drop off in the handicap parking spaces unless authorized.

 Pedestrians have the right of way! Stop at all stop signs and crosswalks.

 Once in the drop-off loop, please pull all the way forward before stopping to keep the flow of traffic going


 Children should be ready to exit the car when you pull up - backpack ready and goodbyes said, then exit curbside for a great day. (DO NOT LEAVE VEHICLES UNATTENDED)

 Have your child exit the car only from passenger side of the vehicle when using the drop-off loop. Those who have already dropped off their children will be utilizing the adjacent drive-thru lane.

 Remember the Bus Circle is for Busses Only. Do not drop off or park in this area.

 Pedestrians – please follow crossing guard directions and wait for them to stop traffic before crossing at the corner of Claborne Dr. and Parish Rd.

Crosswalks & Crossing Gaurds: Pedestrians should use the crosswalks when crossing the streets around the school. If crossing guards are posted at the intersection you are crossing (Treat/Carriage and Claborne/Parish), please respect the directions of the crossing guard and wait for escort across the street.

Bicycles and Scooters: Bicyclists and scooter riders must wear helmets. Bicycles and scooters must be walked on campus, on the sidewalks around the campus, and across crosswalks.

Late arrival: Bancroft closes its campus shortly after the bell rings for class instruction to begin. If your student arrives late and the doors are closed, they should ring the doorbell at the front office and sign in. Younger students are then escorted by office staff to their respective classes.

Pets: No pets are allowed on campus at any time.

On-Campus Safety/Visitation: For the protection of our children, Bancroft Elementary is a closed campus. If you are going to be on campus or need to take your child out of school during the school day, you need to obtain entrance to the office by ringing the doorbell at the front office.

 All persons on campus are required to wear either a school district photo ID or a visitor badge.

o Sign yourself in on the visitor clipboard in the office and get a visitor badge.

o All classroom volunteers must be fingerprinted and cleared through MDUSD.

 To take your child out of school during the day, notify office staff and use the student sign-outs


Ongoing COVID-19 Testing and Protocols

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9/27 - 9/30 Book Fair

9/30 - SSC

10/1 - Bancroft Best Lunch with the Principal

10/6 - Walk and Bike to School Day

10/11 - Teacher In-service Day **NO STUDENTS**

10/12 - PFC Meeting

10/18 - 10/29 Parent Teacher Conferences

10/23 -31 Red Ribbon Week

10/29 - Costumer Parade Grades K-1