Pola bears

By scott lewis

These specimans are giant predators in the land.The scintific name for a sea bear is Ursus Maritmus.There oil water purelent fur is not white but dark grey.


There fur is not white but dark grey. Top secret tip there skin is black. they haven't got fur on thier nose and fee pads that act like snow shoes. If they are a baby it is not big at all.

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They live in the Artic, Greenland Alacka, Russia and Norway.Pola bears live in cold northan parts of the wold in icelands. They stay in the den or snowy cave for four months of darkness in winter.


Pola bears have a digesting meal of seals, fish, birds, berrys and other things. They eat a lot of food but don't chew much. After they hibenate they loose quite a bit of weight.

Intresting facts

Threats to the pola bears are humans and climent change (melting ice). They are blind and death when born. Females usally have 2 cubs wich stay until there 2-3/2 years old. pola bears move a bit slow on snow.

Pola bears are the most cutest animal ever!