Jackie Robinson

By: Nicholas R. Period 2

Perseverance example #1

Robinson knew that he would be hurt. it stated in "the noble experiment" that "beanbags would be thrown at him I would be called all kinds of names that would hurt and infuriate any man. I would be physically attacked." Robinson was well aware of what he was going to suffer but still continued to go ahead with playing the games. He pushed trough. (Page #294)

Perseverance example #2

Jackie Robinson was the first black person to play major league baseball. He went into the games knowing he would be hated. in the story "the noble experiment." Robinson was thinking of a "what If" situation if a player cut his leg and mocked him. He said "Could I turn the other check? I don't know how I would do it. Yet I knew I must." meaning even if that happened he must ignore it and keep playing. (Page #295)


1) Jackie Robinson knew what he was going to go through and by saying "I think I can play the game." means he is ready for everything that he is going to hate and not being able to fight back.

2) Page #295. "Could I turn the other check? I don't know how I would do It. Yet I knew I must." showing that for the experiment and to show how he can do it even if he black. He had to show perseverance.