Guide Dogs

By: Tivonee Kapugama

How does the charity help?

They try to enhance the independence and safe mobility of people who are blind or vision impaired. They train dogs to be a guide for people with vision problems. Also they train people to use canes and read brail. Sometimes they can also train the people to trust the guide dog

How can people help?

People can help by donating money to the Guide Dogs NSW. Since they don't receive government funding they rely on volunteers who donate money. Also they can help raise a puppy which means that you have a puppy for about three years until you give it back.

What is their latest project?

Their latest project is that they are currently raising awareness by joining with the NRL team, West Tigers.The money that people paid for the tickets went to the Guide Dogs NSW company. They sold many plush toys and they also sold some dogs outside the ANZ stadium.

Interesting Facts

Did you know

. there are about 100'000 people who are vision impaired.

. children under seven don't get guide dogs.

. families can raise a puppy

. you can keep a guide dogs if it has retired.