Welcome to Houston!

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Fun activities

Kemah Boardwalk ($22.99)

Rodeo(Houston Livestock Show)($21.00 at the level seats)

Worldfest: Houston International Film Festival

Ticket: $8- 500

Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo 2015


Bayou City Art Festival- free

Dance Salad Festival

Ticket: $20-50

Bad weather activities.

- Go to the movies with your friends

Adult- $9.00

Senior- $8.00

Child- $7.75

- Main Event

$15.95 per person for play from open-4pm, and $17.95 per person after 4 pm

- Hangout in a friend’s house and watch Netflix

(No cost)

- Go to Jump World

($6.00 for 1st hour, $3.00 each additional hour) = Ages 4 or under

($11.00 for 1st hour, $6.00 each additional hour) = Ages 5 and above