by Mitchell Beaty


Have you ever heard of a Meerkat?...........Imagine you're walking in the desert by yourself and then you felt something on your head and you're really scared! Then you touch your head and a meerkat just jumped off of it! Then you scream dun dun dunnnn!

In this article you'll learn about meerkats and their physical characteristics, food chain, and fun facts. Hope you will enjoy.

physical charecteristics

Let me tell you all about meerkats!......

The meerkat is chocolate brown and it has a very long tail. It is small because its height is 25 - 30 cm long and it weighs 1.6 lbs. They have really smooth fur and they have black and white stripes on there backs.Females are often larger than males.They have short legs and,they have 4 toes on each foot. Their front feet have long sharp claws I would not go near that thing if I were you. A meerkat makes a bark and chirp sound.It can run on two legs.Their life span is 12-14 years.

Food Chain

Do you want to know what does a meerkat eats?

A meerkat eats lizards, insects,birds,eggs, and poisonous scorpions.It is a omnivore.A omnivore is a animal that eats animals and plants.The animals that eats meerkats are lions,hawks,fox, larger snakes,or owls.My animal is a predator and prey.The grass gets energy from the sun and the grass gets eaten by a cricket.Then a mouse eats the cricket and the snake creeps and eats the mouse. Then the meerkat eats the snake.The meerkat dies and the decomposer comes eat the rest.

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Did you know that a meerkat is part of the mongoose family!A meerkat can trill,bark,growl and chirp to call its friends and parents.Their belly is like a solar panel it absorbs heat and it keeps them warm. The eyes of meerkats are surrounded by inbuilt sunglasses that deflect rays of scorching sun from their eyes. They are far-sighted but their near-eyesight is poor. The scientific name is suricata suricatta is that Amazing!!!!!The meerkats will take in turns to be on sentry duty, when they will keep an eye out for danger such as birds of prey.


So, even though you think a meerkat is really dangerous in the desert, did you know that you can keep a meerkat as a pet? Make sure if you want a meerkat then you have to take care of it alot and don't get more than one or they will take over your house because they will think its their territory. Hope you had fun reading.