Life in the Kayhi Library

Annual Stats, 2015-2016

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It's all fun & games!

We are happiest when we have lots going on! I was blessed to be joined this fall by long-time Point Higgins staffer, Ms. Becky. She fits right in!

Library Use at Kayhi

We are busy throughout the day with classes in using the Library Lab, doing research projects, checking out fiction, and independent work.

535 classes using the library
3187 students signing in independently

Kids really DO like BOOKS!

Our most popular authors are Rick Riordan and John Green.
This quarter, we checked out 2,563 items!

2235 from Kayhi
283 from KPL
45 from UAS
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2013-2014: 150 visits
2014-2015: 3,846 visits
2015-2016: 4,401 visits
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Making the website useful:

New links added for English classes for Heroes Project
Updated links for Debate
Updated links for the Gale Databases
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Adding Substance to Research

Our Gale In Context databases searches going strong!
Opposing Viewpoints: 407 searches
Science: 443 searches
Student Resources: 248 searches
US History: 486 searches
World History: 4644 searches!