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Why Or Why Not.?

We Should Have Standardized Test...


  • Standardized testing allows students located in various schools, districts, and even states to be compared. Without standardized testing this comparison would not be possible.
  • Standardized tests are objective in nature.

Why Not...

  • The tests don’t actually measure the skills we want students to learn, such as critical thinking, creativity and complex problem solving.
  • The tests aren't reliable measures of how much students know and how well teachers can teach.
  • Schools spend too much time prepping for mediocre, unreliable exams, especially at struggling schools where students could benefit from more enrichment.

I Think..

We shouldn't have standardized testing because...

  • Students stress to much about passing the test.
  • Most students never even commend the standardized tests.
  • The tests aren't always at the students level.
  • The standardized test keep students from passing to the next grade
  • The test doesn't even go in the grade-book most of the time.
  • Its a waste of the states money.
  • The scores come in late.
  • THE STANDARDIZED TEST IS A WASTE OF STUDENTS TIME, TEACHERS TIME, & THE STATES TIME. We could be doing way much BETTER things than to be taking standardized tests.
  • We already take enough tests ANYWAYS.
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