All Summer in a Day

Main Idea, Irony, Symbolism By:Abbi jackson

Main Idea

The main character in this story is Margot. Margot lives on Venus at the space station with her parents. She used to live on Earth but then she had to move to Venus. On Venus it has rained for 7 years straight and it is the day that the sun is supposed to come out for one hour. She really doesn't fit in with the other kids at her school, and there is this little boy named William and he bullies Margot all through the story.


In this story we expected Margot to get to see the sun but the kids in her class locked her in the closet and she never go to see the sun.


1.The thunder at the end stood for their happiness being crushed because they were having fun and it started raining, but then the thunder struck, which meant that was it.

2. The sun represents their freedom and happiness because they all feel stuck inside, and they all feel gloomy because their is nothing for them to be happy about, then when the sun comes out they all run and scream and they finally get freedom to go outside.

3. The rain represents sadness because as long as it rains, the kids are sad because they are trapped inside.

4. Margot symbolizes sadness because she is an outsider and she doesn’t fit in and she is never happy because she misses earth where the sun comes out a lot more than Venus.