Job interview process

by noah wohlers

Before the interview

Some of the things you should do are... Research the company to show that you know something about their company. Another thing you should do is make a list of questions.

during the interview

During the interview you need to answers to the best of you. Do not be nervous. Dont ask your question until the end. Make eye contact the hole time

5 Common Interview questions and tips on how to answer them

You will be asked a couple question during the interview. Here are a couple question.

tell me about your self. How to answer this question is... Dont give your life story, give your basic stuff about you. Question 2: why do you want to work here. tell them why you want to work their. Question 3: what is your greatest strength; tell them strengths their looking for and also what you have.Question 4: what your worst strength: tell something thats hard for you. Question 5: where do you see yourself in 5 years, so just tell them your planes.

After The interview

This is when you should ask the list of question that you had. Also is the time you should know if you got the job or not. Before you leave the interview always shake the person hand and say thank you for your time, and say bye.

dress code for male and female

This is a big step. When ever you have an interview you have to dress for success. What you should wear. No jeans, always dress pants, no t-shirts, polios are acceptable, prefer dress shoes if you have some. So you should dress nice for an interview


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The don'ts for an interview

Their some things you should not do during an interview. Some of them are... Don't say anything stupid. Don't smoke or drink before an interview. Don't ask if you got the job half way through the interview. Turn your phone off otherwise this could interrupt you during the inter view. Here are some advice... DON'T DO ANYTHING STUPID.
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