A message from the Superintendent

December 10, 2021

Dear Edmonds School District families,

I am writing to you after some exceedingly stressful weeks for many of our students. This is our third school year dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic and the state of our students’ mental health is weighing heavily on me.

Our schools have dealt with multiple safety threats, physical altercations between students, and allegations of hate speech, and it is clear to me we need to emphasize our stance as a district that we do not tolerate harassment, intimidation or bullying in our district.

It is our expectation for every student to have a safe and welcoming learning environment and we will tolerate nothing less.

Our process for student intervention and family support

In the instance of any safety incident, including physical fights, school staff will immediately intervene to stop the actions in progress and follow up with immediate phone calls to the families of the students involved. In every instance, students who engage in these kinds of behaviors are held accountable through appropriate disciplinary action taken by the school.

We also want to stress that students and families who encounter harassment, intimidation and/or bullying can absolutely expect to receive school and district support and follow-through. You may report incidents of harassment, intimidation or bullying directly to your student’s school or you may file a report using the district form linked here.

Reporting incidents or threats

It is incredibly important to report any incidents or threats to school leaders immediately. We also provide the opportunity for students and families to make anonymous safety reports, using our Safe Schools reporting tool. Please see the information below my signature for how to access this resource.

Help for students and families

As I mentioned, we know these last few weeks have been incredibly stressful for our students and families. To support students, each of our schools are staffed with behavioral health specialists who are ready to talk with students and offer advice on ways to cope with the stress, anxiety or challenges they are facing.

In addition, for both students and families, we want to remind you about our partnership with Care Solace, which connects you with available mental health and substance abuse prevention providers, 24 hours a day/7 days per week. School staff are able to help you make a referral to Care Solace and you may also access their services without contacting the school if you choose. Please visit https://caresolace.com/site/esd/ for more information.

Thank you for your partnership and willingness to discuss our policies with your students.

– Dr. Gustavo Balderas

Resources for families and students

Safe Schools – how to report a concern:

  • Phone: 425-551-7393

  • Text: 425-551-7393

  • Email: 1480@alert1.us

  • Web: http://1480.alert1.us

  • App: Available on both Google Play and App Store. Use school code # 1480 when prompted during the app download.

Student Discipline Policy and Procedure

Click here to read the policy.

Click here to read the procedure.

Prohibition of Harassment, Intimidation and Bullying Policy and Procedure
Click here to read the policy.

Click here to read the procedure.