April 26, 2013 (Vol. 16)

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Happy Administrative Assistant Day! We appreciate you Kathy and Judy!

High Tides

  • Quote of the Week - "I go to a lot of schools, and you have such a nice staff. It's so nice to see everyone smiling that big!" By Keygent Insurance Audit Worker
  • Superintendent and Board Member Visit - I was so proud to show Dr. Lynch, Julie Union, and Vicky King our amazing school. They were so impressed with the purposeful instruction, the integration of technology in high level and creative ways, active engagement, and the use of class time to maximize learning. Way to go Solana Highlands!
  • Thank you Hollis - Reading Together concluded Thursday. Your dedication has made a difference in the lives of these students in so many ways!
  • Good Luck La Jolla Half Marathon Participants - Julie, Janelle, Kimberly H., Holly B.
  • Kinder Tours - Thank you Lisa, Courtney, and Susanna for providing such an informative and welcoming first impression to Solana Highlands
  • Our PTA - For providing us another delicious lunch! It's great to be appreciated.
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2nd Grade Student explaining how she solved the math word problem


  • Character Counts - For the months of May and June, we will focus on the pillar of Citizenship.
  • GLAD follow-up Day, Tuesday 4-30 - Heppner, Keller, Baldwin, Saunders, Taylor, Leffel, Tatley, Smith, Bauman Room 33. Be sure to get a full day sub. *If anyone else would like to come to this GLAD follow-up day, we have some open spots. Please let me know.
  • Gold Medal Reading - Be sure to remember to approve Gold Medal Reading for students on a regular basis. Our students are motivated and excited to read!
  • Laptop Etiquette - Be sure to pick-up and return yourselves (no students) and check that they are charging.
  • Staff Meeting - Wednesday AM
  • Next Friday: Friday Assembly and Family Heritage Night (5:30-7:00). There will be performances from our students, a costume contest, and food from around the world.
  • Next Week is Screen Free Week at Home
  • Have a great weekend!

EDUCATION CORNER - How Principals and Teachers Can Spread Hope Throughout Our Schools

Dr. McNamara sent this article out to us a couple of years ago, and it is a great one.

"Helping students become more hopeful can improve their ability to learn as well as make them more resilient for future challenges."

"Hopeful students see the future as better than the present and believe they have the power to make it so. Hope, the ideas and the energy for the future, is one of the most potent predictors of the success of our youth."

"Hopeful energy is needed to create ripples of hope for others."

Motivational Video

To date, the Hoyts have finished 1,091 race events, including 252 triathlons (six of which were Ironman-distance), 70 marathons, 94 half marathons and 155 5K races. One of my most moving experiences was being in the Challenged Athletes Foundation Triathlon and seeing everyone help lower Rick's raft down to the water and then seeing Dick Hoyt swim, pulling him the 1.2 miles.

Together we can accomplish so much!

RICK and DICK HOYT - The story of GREAT LOVE