Niles New Tech - 12th Grade Update

September 2015

Welcome to Another Year at NNT!

As the 12th grade facilitator team, we wanted to take this time to introduce ourselves, discuss the courses your learners will be taking this year, and some general information from the start of the year!

Culture Project: Hopes and Dreams

This year, the theme for the 12th grade is hopes and dreams. Throughout culture week, learners engaged in activities and discussion to revisit the NT culture, and began looking at their dreams on a personal, academic, and professional level. As a grade level team we decided to extend the culture project across the academic year. There will be four main projects that the learners will engage with.

1) Formation of a College/Career Plan
2) Writing/completion of a Senior Memories Paper
3) Completion of a Senior Portfolio
4) Involvement in some aspect of the Senior Community Service Project

The learners will also be reading Tuesdays With Morrie by Mitch Albom throughout the semester and engaging in conversations of the themes and lessons they can apply to their own lives. We will provide more information and updates on the project periodically throughout the year. Be on the look out!

Studio/Course Updates

Modern Humanities

This course was modified from last year's humanities course to focus on modern U.S. History since the Cold War. This one semester course is an integration of history, humanities, and reading. We currently have three major projects planned for this course: Decades, War: Korea Vietnam and Iraq, and Social Movements.

Currently we are in the second week of the Decades project, which is analyzing the cultural components that made up the 1980s, 1990s, and 2000s. The learners will be digging into significant events, influences, etc. to look at how the American society has changed. Their knowledge and understanding will be displayed in an interactive exhibition night.

Be on the look out for further announcements and update are the learner begin to complete their project!

Thank you,
Mr. Hawley and Miss Cooney

English 12

Mr. Haimbaugh

Personal Application Math

Mr. Greene

Get to Know the 12th Grade Team

Miss Kristine Cooney

This is my second year at Niles New Tech and second year on the 11th/12th grade team. I am a graduate from Michigan State University with teaching certifications in social studies, history, English, and sociology. This year I am partnered with Mr. Nic Hawley, facilitating the Modern Humanities course.