The Arab-Israeli Conflict

By: Nikhil Vicas

The Big Fight

The Arab-Israeli conflict is a conflict between the Jews of Israel and Arab Muslims. They fight about who gets the land of Palestine. During World War 2 the Jews scattered away from the land of Palestine and during that time the Arabs came in. After World War 2 finished the Jews asked to get back in to Palestine, but the Arabs didn't allow it. The Jews went to the UN and reported their problem. The Jews and Arabs had a debate with the UN deciding who should get the land and the Jews won. Still to this day, the Arabs are arguing that it is their land, and that they should all get to live there. This has caused many wars between the Arabs and the Israeli Jews, The UN is supporting the Jews and the war still rages on.

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A Complicated History

Many people and empires have conquered Israel such as Alexander the great, Pompey the great, and the Ottoman empire. Now the Muslim armies and the Jewish armies are fighting over it.

A Simple Solution

For over 3000 years this conflict has been going on and no one can make a solution in 5 sentences. So instead they should make a treaty

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The Conclusion

The land of Palestine shall be divided equally mile for mile to insure peace. Land will be split based on the importance of the land of each religion. Both sides must agree to stop violence and make peace with each other. The land will be monitored by United Nation troops and if either side breaks their half of the bargain they will be fined.