Third Grade Newsletter

Week 25: February 15-19, 2016

Chromebook Take Home Pilot!

We are the FIRST 3rd grade class IN THE DISTRICT to take our Chromebooks home. If you have not returned the 1-to-1 Technology Use Agreement (pink paper) please do so ASAP. Students should be using their Chromebooks responsibly for SCHOOL PURPOSES. Chromebooks should be returned DAILY, FULLY CHARGED.
This is a link to the slide show we showed the students about their Chromebook Responsibilities.

Pop Tab Contest - 3rd Grade Project

We will be starting our Pop Tab Contest for the school on Monday, February 22nd. Please collect all of your family's pop tabs and send them into school. We will be working on weight, measurement, and persuasive writing during this project.

Growth Mindset - Try Challenging Things!

The 3rd graders are working on Growth Mindset and what it means. We are working on "growing our brains" and not giving up. We are learning that it may take lots of attempts and we aren't all going to get it right on the first one. We are pushing ourselves to try challenging things to make our brains stronger!

Ask your kiddos about "The Power of Yet" and what it means to them!

Inside/Out Day - Friday, February 19th

Time to mix it up! This Friday students are encouraged to dress "inside out". This might be mismatching their clothes (if they don't already) or wearing clothing the wrong direction or inside out. Just for fun!

Staff vs. Student Basketball Game

The Staff vs. Student basketball game will be on Wednesday, February 24th (previously noted as Th, 2/25) as the Math Bowl competition is on Thursday, February 25th. The 6th grade will be hosting a Paw Pack (Grades 3-6) as a fundraiser for the Chicago Trip. All students and parents are welcome to attend the basketball game. Stay tuned for more details.

English/Language Arts Standards and Topics this Week

This week each kiddo is working alone or with a partner to create a project. They had 5 projects to choose from and are all very excited to get working! Please ask your kiddo about their project at home and how it is going.

I can do short research on a topic.

I can present my project in front of others using my presentation voice.

I can find solutions to problems in a text.

Math Standards and Topics this Week

This week we will continue to build on multiplication strategies, such as partial products, lattice multiplication, and traditional two digit multiplication. We will also be focusing on the process of solving and showing our work for multi-step word problems.


I can use multiply two and three digit numbers together.

I can find key information in a word problem and use a strategy to solve it.

Early Departure

Please be mindful that when you remove your student from school prior to dismissal (2:45 p.m.) that is considered an early departure and does count against their attendance. Please feel free to wait in the main office or inside the main doors if picking up student "walkers".

ISTEP / IRead Testing - Save the Date!

Grades 3-6 will be testing for ISTEP and/or IREAD (only 3rd grade) on the following dates. Please try and schedule doctor appointments around these dates. It is very important that your student is here!

Save the Dates: Tuesday, March 1st- Friday, March 11th

This is a link to a website that has TONS of 3rd grade online tests to help our kiddos practice for ISTEP.

PTO Updates

Dining to Donate at Applebee's

Mark your calendars for WEDNESDAY FEB.17TH 2016 to get a delicious meal and support our school at our Applebee's Dining to Donate event. Just present the special CSA flyer during lunch, dinner or for any Carside to Go Order at the Applebee's on 25th St. and 15% of your purchase will be returned to the school! The special flyer will be sent home with your child a few days before the event or you can print it HERE. Hope to see you there!

Box Tops Competition Update

The competition is heating up and we currently have a tie between the first grade classes for first place! Mrs. Newton & Mrs. Cash's classes have each turned in 483 box tops, Mrs. Aldrich's class is next with 383, followed by Mrs. Kean's class with 233. For a complete listing and to see where your child's class ranks on our leader board after this week's box tops are tallied, check out the CSA Lincoln PTO Facebook page. The competition will run until Friday, February 19th so keep sending in those box tops!!

Pacers Fundraiser

REMINDER: If you are planning on attending CSA-Lincoln Night at the Pacers game, order forms and payment due Tuesday, February 23rd. Please make sure to get these items in on time as we cannot accept any late submissions. Thanks!

Justin Schlaudroff was our 3rd Grade Husky Gram Drawing Winner last week!