List 7 Vocabulary Smore

By Aeon Marrow II

Section I Definitions

Abomination: something that is vile

Immaculate: something that is Perfect

Ideology: something's personal views

Fluctuate: Something that varies

Pervade: it exist everywhere

Section II True/False

(T/F) The beautiful Abomination danced

(T/F) This person is Immaculate they are just exemplary

(T/F) The individual had a very Peculiar Ideology

(T/F) The Water in the Ocean Fluctuates with waves

(T/F) The object Pervades, it does not exist

Section III Synonyms/Antonyms

S/A: Vile, Beautiful

S/A: Perfect, Fake

S/A: Philosophy, Ego

S/A: Shifts, Steady

S/A: Existence, Imaginary