Christmas Coffee Chat!

Merry Merry Shining Diamonds!!!

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Taking some time to day to reflect on this incredible and epic 2015! Thank you to EVERYONE of you for being a part of our team. I adore you and am so blessed to know and love you all! Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a relaxing holiday with your family and friends!!! xo Stef

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Dot Dollars will be coming next week. I wanted to share some amazing TIPS from Cindy Rhodehamel. Stay tuned for more words to say starting on Tuesday!

Please Read and SAVE!

GREAT ADVICE from Cindy Rhodehamel!!!! Please read through!!!! I'll also be emailing this to everyone today!

This is long, but please take time to read!
Here's my strategy and advice for maximizing your Dot Dollars. My goal is always to have 75%+ redemption rate.

1. If you haven't already done so, send thank you notes by email for customers that shopped with you during Dot Dollar earning period. WTS below

***1. WTS for order follow up: Dear _________, Thank you for your Stella & Dot order! I hope you are enjoying your new sparkle. Your order also earned you $x Dot Dollars to redeem 12/29 - 1/5. Your code(s) will be emailed to you on the 29th and I will follow up to help you place your redemption order. Wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas.

2. Read the FAQs on how, what and when customers redeem Dot Dollars so you know how to redeem and can help your customers redeem: https://stellaverse.stelladot.com/docs/DOC-2193
The biggest/most common question is that customers do not realize that they need to have $50 in their cart to apply a $25 code (i.e. they are still spending $25 to get an additional $25 off) - sometimes, even when we are VERY clear, they may miss it, so be sure you are armed with POSITIVE energy and the ability to explain that this is a FABULOUS promotion which essentially lets them shop at half off

3. If you are going to do a redemption show, set it up in the system now.

4. Log in to Stylist Lounge then click this link to see your earner report
http://shop.stelladot.com/…/loung…/stylist/report/dotdollars This is the first time that we have had a report that can be exported. Your download will include customer name, email, phone number, Dot Dollars earned, codes. This is HUGE and will help you immensely with tracking and customer reach out.

5. Download the .CSV file and send a generic "heads-up, your Dot Dollars are on the way" email to all of your earners to receive between now and 12/28. Copy the email address column and put in a BCC email to all customers. WTS below

***Generic heads up email: Thank you for shopping with me over the last 4 weeks! I appreciate you and thank you for supporting my business. In one week, you'll be receiving your Dot Dollars codes to shop at 50% off! Be sure to check your email on 12/29 to view your Dot Dollars code(s). You earned $25 Dot Dollars for every $50 that you spent with me in December. Which means you'll be able to shop at HALF OFF!! Yep, for every $50 that you place in your Stella & Dot shopping cart between 12/29 - 1/5, you'll be able to redeem $25 Dot Dollars! Sparkle high five. Let's get you all your wish list items and those pieces that you've had your eyes on, because YOU DESERVE IT and 50% off makes it all that more sweet! I can't wait to see what you pick out! We've added some new items to our sale list, so be sure to check those out too. Head over to (insert your PWS) to start picking out your Dot Dollar items! You'll be hearing from me by email and phone during the redemption period, because friends don't let friends miss out on style for a steal!

Wishing you and your family a very merry!

6. On 12/29, I will send a personal Dear _______ email with their DD codes AND instructions on how to redeem and by when. WTS below

Personalized email: Dear _________! Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and Santa brought you everything that you wanted! You earned $x Dot Dollars for shopping with me in December and now it's time to redeem and get your style on! I know you have your eye on a few things, so let's shop for you at 50% off!! For every $50 that you spend between now and 1/5 you can redeem $25 Dot Dollars. Here are you codes: (list codes). You can redeem by shopping online (give link to your PWS or if you have a redemption show set up, give that link) or by giving me a call - I'm full service and would be happy to help you place your redemption order. Be sure to check out our sale items too. Now would be a great time to round out your accessories wardrobe with a statement necklace, an engravable or charm necklace, everyday hoops & studs, and a great layering necklace. Let me know if you need any suggestions. If I see that you haven't redeemed your Dot Dollars codes by 1/3, expect to receive a reminder from me. It's a busy time of the year and this is one of those things that can easily fall off your radar. You'll kick yourself if you miss this sweet deal, so I'll check in with you to make sure you're scoring some style for a steal! xo

7. On 12/29, I'll enter pre-orders that I've taken at previous Trunk Shows or from customers who have already told me what they wanted to order.

8. On 12/30 I will start to call each of my customers to see if I can help them place their DD order, make suggestions, answer any questions and to let them know that I am at their service. Odds are you will be leaving a lot of voicemails, but that's ok. Remind and follow up!

9. On Jan. 1, I'll send a happy new year email with a reminder to redeem their DD. WTS below

10. Jan 2 - 4 follow up calls

11. On January 4. I'll send a reminder email to anyone that has not yet redeemed. WTS below

**Don't forget that you earned Dot Dollars! Redemption ends on 1/5 and you don't want to miss out on shopping at half off! Call me if you need your codes, style suggestions or to place your order. I'm happy to help. Think about gifts for upcoming birthdays, anniversaries and Valentine's Day too.

12. On Jan. 5. I'll do a last call email and will call anyone that has not yet redeemed. Block out time on the 5th to be available to remind and to enter orders as customers "forget" despite all of our reminders and wait until the last hour.

*** Today is the last day to redeem your Dot Dollars! You earned them, don't let them go to waste!! How often do you get to shop at 50% off? Start your new year off in style. Go ahead and treat yourself to that piece that's calling your name. You'll be getting a great deal and will love wearing it throughout the year. Call me if you need your codes, style suggestions or to place your order. I'm happy to help.

FINAL NOTE: If someone wants to give their codes to someone (i.e. a husband who shopped with you wants his wife to use them or a mother wants to give them to her daughter, etc.) that is fine. However, PLEASE remember that the spirit of this promotion is to have the customers who EARNED the codes redeem them. You should NEVER give a customer's codes to someone else because she hasn't used them or you don't think she will use them. That is not the spirit of this promotion, and could be a disaster should your customer change her mind and decide she does want to redeem at 11pm the last day of the redemption period! Please don't put up Facebook posts along the lines of, "Message me if you want 50% off a $50 order!" or "I have extra Dot Dollars who wants em?!" as this violates our compliance policies. Let's make this a POSITIVE experience for our customers and remind them how great of a deal this is so they will redeem all of their codes and get YOU the orders boost you want for the end of your December and/or the start of your January! Dot Dollars are brilliant and can help you finish the year strong and/or start your new year strong. This may seem like a lot of work, but trust me, it's worth it and really isn't that time consuming. It's a lot of cut and paste and phone calls, but oh so worth it - my Dot Dollars usually net me one or two trunk shows worth of sales. I'll post additional images as I come across them.

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Print out your codes, and save this email and get ready for a huge end of the year!

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