Blackboard Collaborate


AP Psychology-Mrs. Marney

Tuesday will be Blackboard Collaborate day for A P Psychology. Please make sure you have downloaded the JAVA software to your computer before you attend the first session. This can be done from the Instructional Resource Box on the right of your homepage. Just click on Blackboard Collaborate Support and follow the instructions. When you are ready to attend a session just click on the Blackboard Collaborate Manager on your homepage and then on the session you want to attend. It may be on a second or third page. You will need a microphone and speakers or a headset is ideal to prevent feedback. Please plug these in before you log on.


Students should come prepared to discuss the topic and have at least one good question or example to contribute to the discussion. There will be a news item reminder before each Collaborate session and it is posted on your calendar. These should be fun as we all learn from each other. I have varied the times each week so that everyone will have an opportunity to attend a live session. Attend any Blackboard Sessions that are during your class time. If you can not attend, the sessions will be recorded and you may listen to them at a later date.

Mrs. Marney's AP Psycholgoy

Elive with your classmates and instructor.

Schedule of Sessions

Wednesday, Sep. 18th 2013 at 8am-3pm

This is an online event.

9/18-ALL DAY Everyone Must Attend-Pacing, grades, questions, and comments. Bring a photo to upload so you can ‘see’ you classmates.

9/25-1pm Research

10/2-10am Brain and Brain Damage Stories

10/9-2pm Child Development

10/16-9am Optical illusions and ESP

10/23-noon Work

10/30-2pm Personality

11/6 No Elluminate-Election Day-go Vote if you are 18

11/13-7pm Disorders

11/20 No Elluminate-Thanksgiving Holiday

11/27- 9am Therapy

12/4-10 am Final Exam Review-(Be sure to view the recording if you can not attend the live session)