My 5 Goals For 2nd Semester

Jacobi Hunter


Goal 1 : Pass Every Class

Goal 2 : Stay Out Of Trouble

Goal 3 : Don't Disturb The Teacher

Goal 4 : Stay Focused

Goal 5 : Complete Every Assignment


Ways I Plan To Exceed!!!

One of my biggest problems in school is staying focused. One way I can stay focused is playing my music while I work. I didn't do my work for a long time until I had a talk with my oldest brother an he told me without doing work you will not be successful in anything you want to do in the future , and I had a long deep thought on that topic . I had a problem turning my assignments in because I would either lose my work or wouldn't do it. I had a problem arguing with teachers an I had to learn not to be disrespectful. An at the end of the day I've learned to stay out of trouble.
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