Job interview process

by Gavin Sliva

Before the interview

  • Before the interview you may get nervus take steps to help calm yourself
  • Dress appropriately, if you dont need to dress too formal dont but never come in your sunday dress(casual clothes)
  • Hygene!show that you can take care of your body before to help first impressions

Durring the interview Do's and Dont's

  • appear friendly, this will show you can act professional
  • never looklike your gunna charge out the second you hear somthing yoiu dont like
  • be polite, they wont hire you if they think you are ill mannered

Top 5 questions and answers

1) What are your weaknesses

  • dont answer with oh I have no weaknesses they will see it as cocky
  • you can say 1 or 2 but dont talk too much about it or oversell it
2) Why should we hire you?

  • give them an answer that will make them think your amazing
  • dont get cocky but dont doubt yourself
3) Why do you want to work here

  • NEVER say anything to do with your paycheck
  • say why you belive you chose to work there
4) What are your goals

  • remember never be cocky and say somthing like you plan to be ceo of the company
  • shoot for somthing realistic perhaps a place in managment wil look better
5) why you left your previous job

  • this is important dont say any put downs llike oh the boss and I argued alot
  • have a positive spin to it such as I thought I could go farther s

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After the interview

  • be sure to be polite even on the way out the door
  • dont just get up and leave
  • shake there hand
  • write them a thank you letter (optional but recomended)
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Dressing for the intervew

  • you dont have to dress for a wedding just dress formaly
  • dont come in unwashed clothes even if you dont have a nice suit they will appreciate your willingness to show up clean


  • Dont chew gum durring the inter view and if you are chewing some spit it out in a napkin and then throw it away
  • Never burp or let any other body noises happen if they do immediately say excuse me and apologise
  • If you are planning to go in with a bad attitude its best to just not go at all
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